Prosecco DOC Rosé Brut Nature Millesimato

There is nothing common in this Prosecco, because the place these grapes come from is not common at all. Imagine an oasis, surrounded by ancient trees, where wild plants and waterways give wildlife a place to hide, protecting our vines, helping them find balance in nature. No chemicals and constant care for almost 50 years make a difference. This is how our vines can drain the best from the Caranto soil of our Civranetta estate.

As soon as you pour our Prosecco Rosé, you will feel its mineral touch and fresh aromas of wild roses and pomegranate. The taste is dry, with a clean thanks to pinot noir grapes. The perlage is fine, it takes us at least 8 weeks of Charmat fermentation to obtain it. So stop, relax, uncork it with passion, pair it with fish, plant based dishes, meat, pasta, try it for lunch, aperitif or dinner, enjoy it with friends and no fear. We put all of our care in making it and so did Mother Nature.

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Glera 90%; Pinot Noir 10%
The vineyards are located in the old family estate, Tenuta Civranetta, close to the lagoon of Venice
“Caranto”, a compact clay-loam soil with calcareous nodules, dating back to the Pleistocene era
Light pink
Fresh, fruity with hints of Golden apple and white flowers, rose, red berries and strawberries.
Fruity and fragrant, palatable; fine and elegant in the mouth with a direct and clean flavour and good persistence
6°- 8° C
Fresh and fruity this is an ideal aperitif wine, paired with shellfish and raw or fried fish. It goes well with light cheeses and white meats