We are now picking up Yellow Moscato grapes and we are waiting for next week, when the Glera will be ready as well, closing our harvest 2016 in Civranetta estate.

This year something rare happened: Civranetta and Valpolicella harvests are coinciding for a few days. They usually follow one another, but this year the Glera and the Moscato reached their ripeness later than normal. So while we are picking up the last grapes in Civranetta, we are also starting harvesting Corvina, Corvinone and Rondinella in our estate Est form Verona. Our estate in Fraune, in the Valpolicella Classica, is over 500 meters on the sea level and will be a little longer in coming.


Civranetta grapes in 2016 vintage


Pinot Grigio  As other grape varieties did, Pinot Grigio suffered from the heavy rains and temperature fluctuation during this bizarre spring. This led to the development of slightly sparse berries, that helped to prevent the formation of rot and to preserve quality. This was very important for this variety, given its compact and delicate grapes.


Chardonnay  The last days before the harvest were dry and cool, especially during the night, and the grapes were able to develop very good perfumes. This characteristic will be very important to bottle our favourite Chardonnay: fresh and delicate, to be enjoyed young and paired with light dishes.


Yellow Moscato  Moscato’s harvest time has almost overlapped Glera’s. August’s good temperature fluctuation between day and night has had a very positive influence, we expect Moscato grapes to bring in a good aromatic supply, when we prepare the must for the new sparkling wine.


Glera  The Glera suffered from drought during August, but in the last days the rain helped to complete the last steps of the ripening process positively. The grapes we are ready to harvest are lighter than last year, but have a great concentration of polyphenols.