Ancient origins

The origin of the name “Valpolicella” is uncertain. Somebody says it comes from Latin (vallis-polis-cellae would mean “valley of many cellars”) or from the Greek word polyzelos, “land of many magnificences”, but it may simply come from ancient local toponyms that evolved to the actual name. What we know, for sure, is that this valley was already appreciated for its beauty in Roman times. It was also well known as a suitable area for growing vine and human settlement. During the rule of the Most Serene Republic of Venice, many wonderful villas where built in this area, as well as parishes and churches. Some of them are still in use today, showing their flourishing past.

Valpolicella Classica and our estate

Valpolicella Classica is the historical heart of the appellation, enclosed by the river Adige on the west, the city of Verona on the south and the Lessini mountains on the north. Some of the best Italian red wines are produced here. The area consists of five distinct geographic areas: the municipality of Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella and San Pietro in Cariano, and valleys of Fumane, Marano and Negrar.

Our vineyards are on the higher hills of the Fumane valley, surrounded by the woods and facing east. Here we get fresh, healthy winds from the mountains and very good temperature variation at night in the summer.

Valpolicella Classica wines