Veneto, land of beauty and wine

We love our home land. Veneto is one of the nicest and most renowned regions in Italy and the world. The charm of Venice and its lagoon attracts millions of tourists every year, as well as our amazing Dolomites or Lake Garda in the West. Our cities are full of history, culture and works of art. Our hills and plain have always been fertile and generous, a perfect place to grow grapevines and produce wine since the Roman period to the Venetian Republic on.

From Prosecco to Amarone and Pinot Grigio, our wines are well known and uncorked all over the world.

Our estates are located in some of the best and most renowned areas of the region.

Venice mainland

Our historical estate in Venice mainland is one of the oldest examples of an organic and biodynamic environment in Italy and the oldest one in Veneto, with around 50 years of chemical-free approach to agriculture. Our vines are nourished by an untouched environment and a consistent layer of caranto, an ancient soil from the Pleistocene era, made of compact sea fossils and sediments.


Valdobbiadene is a magic place, where men have always been shaping nature, making it one of the most beautiful landscapes in Italy. Its steep hills have been declared part of Unesco World Heritage.

This is where our estate Collag├╣ is located. Our estate cover around 2 hectares of organically cultivated land. Here we produce our Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore Docg.

Valpolicella Classica

The historical heart of Valpolicella appellation is enclosed by the river Adige on the west, the city of Verona on the south and the Lessini mountains on the north. Some of the best Italian red wines are produced here.

Our vineyards are surrounded by the woods on the higher hills of the Fumane valley, watching the sun rise every day.


Green landscape and sunny vineyards. Our Montorio estate is located on the northern hills of Montorio Valley, just a few kilometres from Verona, and it is exposed to the West. The wind from the Lessini mountains kisses these vineyards every day.