2016 harvest: let’s get it started!

Our harvest 2016 officialy starts today in Tenuta Civranetta, where we are picking up Pinot Grigio grapes. In these days, nice weather and good temperatures are helping the grapes maturing and are a great support for our work in the vineyards. We couldn’t expect anything better than this, after such an unstable year! Let’s sum […]

Harvest ending in Civranetta estate

We are now picking up Yellow Moscato grapes and we are waiting for next week, when the Glera will be ready as well, closing our harvest 2016 in Civranetta estate. This year something rare happened: Civranetta and Valpolicella harvests are coinciding for a few days. They usually follow one another, but this year the Glera […]

Our 2016 harvest in Valpolicella

What was the weather like in Valpolicella in 2016? As it happened in our estate in Venice mainland, a dry and warm winter has encouraged the vines to sprout earlier than usual. A hard period came in May and June during the flowering phase, because of the heavy rains. The season got stable again in July, […]