Harvest 2022

It was a very challenging harvest this year. There were large issues with drought, rivers in northern Italy reached a record low, and we didn’t have rain all winter and only a few showers in the Spring. Summer was really hot with no rain. This caused a drop in production mostly on Pinot Grigio, a […]

Stinging Nettle Preparation

Urtica Dioica or Ortica L’Urtica Dioica, più comunemente nota come ortica, è nota per le sue proprietà curative ed è utilizzata da secoli nel campo della medicina naturale. Le proprietà dell’ortica sono legate al ferro, al magnesio e allo zolfo; agisce bilanciando questi elementi. L’ortica dona al compost e al terreno una maggiore sensibilità e contribuisce […]

Wine Fairs Season

Like every year, from the end of January to May, we are attending Wine Fairs all over the world, from France to US to Germany.We welcome you to taste our new Vintages at:Montpelllier,28-30th Jan Hall A4 – Stand 865 See the website Paris,11-13th Feb Hall 4 – Stand B189 See the website New York,4-5th March […]

Vinitaly 2018

This year we are going to take part to Vinitaly in Verona. Visit our stand: PAD. 8 / STAND H2 We warmly suggest you to arrange a meeting. Click on the button here on the right to access the contact form. Arrange meeting If you’d like to have a look at the fair website, you’ll find […]

Yarrow preparation

Achillea millefolium or Yarrow Achillea millefolium takes its name from the mythological Greek hero Achilles, who used this herb to heal his wounds. No wonder it has such important properties for the proper growing of plants! Achillea is very high in sulphur, which stimulates and reinvigorate the soil. In addition, it works like a catalyst for […]

Chamomile preparation

Matricaria Chamomilla or Chamomile Chamomile is the plant of balance. This flower, due to its properties, encourages the natural circle of growth of the plants. It ensures a stable nitrogen content of the soil and allows all the raw materials to break down in the correct way. Moreover, it is rich in balance proportions of […]

Dandelion preparation

Taraxacum officinale or Dandelion Taraxacum is not only a plant; it is really an enhancer for the soil and vegetation. Thanks to its two key elements, silica and potassium, it release the soil from heavy metals. Moreover, it improves the vines’ cell structure and makes plant sap flow smoothly; finally, it creates a strong resistance to […]

Prowein 2016

Prowein Düsseldorf ended yesterday, after a three-days full immersion of meetings and tastings. Attending a wine fair is a great challenge for any winery. Those few days of exhibition will drain your energies, time and concentration for months before and, hopefully, after the fair. As we did last year, we took this challenge again to promote our organic […]

2016 harvest: let’s get it started!

Our harvest 2016 officialy starts today in Tenuta Civranetta, where we are picking up Pinot Grigio grapes. In these days, nice weather and good temperatures are helping the grapes maturing and are a great support for our work in the vineyards. We couldn’t expect anything better than this, after such an unstable year! Let’s sum […]

Harvest ending in Civranetta estate

We are now picking up Yellow Moscato grapes and we are waiting for next week, when the Glera will be ready as well, closing our harvest 2016 in Civranetta estate. This year something rare happened: Civranetta and Valpolicella harvests are coinciding for a few days. They usually follow one another, but this year the Glera […]