A few weeks ago we finished harvesting in our Civranetta estate, let’s try to sum it up.

The 2017 will certainly go down as one of the driest years in the last decades. Just to give you an idea, here is an infographic we prepared, basing on the rainfall report issued by the ARPAV (Veneto Region’s agency for prevention and environmental protection).

If you want to check the complete reports, you can visit the –> ARPAV website (only in Italian unfortunately).

In the infographic you can easily see that rainfalls were quite inconstant and quite low comparing to the average.

In our perspective, this trend, together with the high temperatures, basically meant an early ripening of the grapes. In Civranetta estate, the harvest time came 10-20 days earlier than usual.

Here are the harvest timings for each grape:

  • Pinot Grigio, mid-August instead of the end of the month
  • Prosecco (Glera), last 10 days of August, instead of the second decade of September
  • Chardonnay, around mid-August
  • Moscato, first days of September

The characteristics of the grapes

Low rainfalls meant good health for both the vine plants and the grapes. It also enhanced the concentration of all the substances in the berries, leading to a very good sugar content.

Some freshly harvested news

This year we had an awesome Turchetta harvest!

…wondering what it is?

The Turchetta is an Italian grape variety and it is well known (but not largely cultivated) in many provinces of the Veneto region, especially in Padua, the Colli Euganei and Rovigo areas. It is a strong plant, very resistant to mildew and other pathogens.  It gives round dark berries which can be pressed and vinified without being blended. The so produced wine usually has an intense red color with purple nuances and a fresh Marasca cherry and violet aroma. It is easy to drink, and has a pleasantly bitter finish.

The Turchetta variety has been produced in Civranetta since 1927. At that time Ferruccio Fidora (our first generation) used to press it and produce a fresh wine, which was sold in jugs for the family consumption in the area. A tiny quantity of this variety is still grown today, in Civranetta estate.

With the 2017 vintage we would be particularly happy to reintroduce an ancient family tradition. We will keep you up to date…