Biodynamic and organic wines for your soul

Biodynamic and organic wines for your soul

About us

We have been into agriculture for 4 generations. In 1974 we were the pioneers in starting farming organically in Veneto region and since then we have been teaching to many others. Today we are Demeter certified biodynamic producers. Our estates are located in Venice mainland, Valdobbiadene and Valpolicella. From Prosecco to Pinot Grigio, from Ripasso to Amarone, we bottle nature friendly, clean, accurate and damn good emotions.

Biodynamic and organic philosophy

Nature comes first and we are part of it. Respect is the only way to preserve it and guarantee life to our next generations. That is why, since the Seventies, our approach is based on avoiding chemicals and pushing sustainability, circularity and biodiversity. These are not just nice words to us, this is our belief and our concrete everyday effort.

Our estates

We are based in Veneto, the most productive wine region of Italy. We love it for its landscapes, from the Dolomites’ peaks to Venice Lagoon. Our historical estate, Civranetta, is located in Venice mainland and we have two different estates in Valpolicella, one in the Classica and one in the eastern part of the area. We also have a vineyard on the Unesco World Heritage hills of Valdobbiadene.

tenuta civranetta
Venice mainland
Tenuta Collagù
Tenuta Fraune
Valpolicella classica
Tenuta montorio

Wines of the season



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Stinging Nettle Preparation

Urtica Dioica or Ortica L’Urtica Dioica, più comunemente nota come ortica, è nota per le sue proprietà curative ed è utilizzata da secoli nel campo della

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Wine Fairs Season

Like every year, from the end of January to May, we are attending Wine Fairs all over the world, from France to US to Germany.We

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